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    Importance of keeping Hindu Temple at home:


    The temple at home is an integral part of any Hindu family. In today’s hectic life, it is tough to get the time out to visit a nearby temple on daily basis. Hence, it is advisable to have the own temple at home so that one can perform his religious rituals on regular basis and receives the blessings from the gods.The temple is filled with divine energy and source of peace. Not only this, it also gives us the positive energy and protect us bad and negative energy. The temple maintains the serene environment at home. The temple can be of marble or wood. The temple from marble is considered to be very holy in our Shastras. Mandapam made carved out of wood is having some especially because wooden mandapams represent the elegance of Hindu religion.


    Where to place a temple at home (from Vastu Point of view):


    Home temple should be designed properly and cautiously as temples are not the matter of sacredness but they also related to our faith and belief with God and cosmos. Therefore, to get positive vibrations and benefits from pooja, home temple should be conducive to Vastu. Vastu lays down specific rules and norms regarding home temple because if it is constructed in wrong place, then inmates will not benefit from the veneration. To make your veneration and pooja effective for god’s endless and constant blessings build your pooja room at proper and Vastu compliant place. Some of the important point to be kept in mind are as given below.


    The north-east, also known as Ishan, is an excellent place for locating it. Locating Mandir in north-east brings good health, wealth, happiness and peace of mind. North-east is very mandir for home felicitous because sunrise directly falls from north-east and gives us positive dexterity.


    * If the north east direction is not available, the alternative is East which means placing in East facing West.
    * Temple should be placed higher so that God feet must come to the level of devotee’s chest.
    * Always keep some insulation while praying or sitting in the temple such as mat or carpet.
    * Home temple is ideal in wood while marble constructed temples are also considered appropriate.
    * Dia in the temple should be lit in South-east.
    * Do no keep late ancestor’s picture in home temple because this way we only disrespecting God and cosmos.


    Too many idols should not be kept in the temple. Not more than one idol of each Lord should be kept.

    Never keep distorted or broken idols in the temple and if there any such idols, the same should be dispersed in floating water / river or donated to nearby temple for further proceedings.

    Always keep a sitting idol of Goddess Laxmi in the temple as she blesses with Wealth & Prosperity.

    The temple should be kept. Fresh flowers should be offered while praying. The fragrance of Dhoop & Agarbatti should be spread in whole house as this generates positive energy & mind remains tension free.

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