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    How to perform daily Pooja at home temple:


    If one is not performing any ritualistic worship (puja) presently, then the method of doing so stepwise in the appropriate way is as follows.

    • Every day the deities and the temple should be cleaned with clean cotton cloth.
    • Removing the previous day’s withered flowers and leaves (nirmalya) the deities should be wiped with a clean cotton dry cloth.
    • It is recommended to light the incense sticks in the morning as well as in the evening. The fragrance of incense sticks makes the surrounding holy and removes the insects of the air.
    • The fresh flowers should be offered to the idols in the temple. Then two wicks should be rolled into one and placed in a lamp containing clarified butter (ghee). The lit lamp should then be moved in a circular motion (arti) in the clockwise direction.
    • Finally, an offering of food (naivedya / prasadam) should be made and one should pray for well being of all the family members, peace and harmony in the social life and success in profession life.
    • The daily pooja should concluded by offering the Prasadm to every family members.


    Please note that we have obtain above information from various sources, offline and online and are based on our understading and beliefe.

    For further query, we would love to assis you. You can write to us for any queries.


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