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    Baby Crib

    Baby Crib

    “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most space in your heart.”

    As Winnie the pooh said that a new born heart came in our life will give us a feeling of joy, blessedness, but perhaps also worried and nervous about the responsibility of having a newborn to look after. It may be tinged with a mixture of excitement and anxiety and it is great to have your baby safely at home. So the responsibilities towards him are more, specially during sleep. A perfect sleep for a baby is to restoring energy to building brain connections. So it is mandatory for your child to have a proper sleep for hours in a guarded place like a crib. The safest place for your baby to sleep is in the room where you sleep, but not in your bed, in baby’s crib. It is necessary for parents to have a crib in their bedroom for safe and peaceful sleep for babies. The crib should be free from toys, soft bedding, blankets, and pillows at night.

    There are certain points which should be remember if you have a crib that

    • Place the baby’s crib near your bed (within arm’s reach). This makes it easier to breastfeed and to bond with your baby

    • Make sure you can hear any cries or noises your newborn makes. (This is his or her way of telling you it is time for another feeding.)

    • Bring your baby into your bed for a feeding, so you will have an easier time going back to sleep after the feeding.

    • Keep the lights low and avoid playing or talking with the baby so you can begin establishing "nighttime".

    We provide you with the most elegant and hand made baby crib made from the wood.

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